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The Cobray Company was a manufacturer of sub-machine guns and . Missing info- Cobray/FMJ ducktown model OU, a .22/.45-.410 Over-under Derringer.


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The gun bears the following markings: “FMJ Ducktown, TN” on the right side of the chamber and “Mod. D. CAL.45” on the right side of the barrel. The left side of the chamber says, . Both grips bear a “Cobray” logo. The right one also has a little .


the value of fmj 45 caliber & 410 double barrel ... how much is a double barrell derringer Cobray mod DD cal 45 ... fmj ducktown .

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How Much Is A Double Barrell Derringer Cobray Mod DD Cal 45 ...

single barrle pistol made by fmj ducktown.tenn ... how much is the cobray fmj mod. ds 410 double barrel shot gu... Value of a FMJ Ducktown, TN .

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Jul 6, 2009 . 1, Make Brand Name Model Trademark, Make Brand Name Model . 222, Audax, MDA, FN, Brand D'Armes des Pyrenees . 594, Cobray, SWD, US, Mfd. by S. W. D. Inds.; now known as Cobray Firearms . US, Copperhill, TN; mfr. of . 38- and .45-caliber single-shot derringer and .45 Long Colt/410 bore .



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What is the value of a Jakar Spain 45 caliber black powder pistol worth serial 164606? . Did H and D Folsom sporting goods sell A Berry shotguns? . a Connecticut Valley Arms Philadelphia 45 caliber percussion cap black powder derringer? . Does anyone have any info on fmj ducktown tn cobray black powder pistol?

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